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Resolve to Remake

from The Far Star Mission (Audiobook) by Apotheus



Chapter 3
Resolve to Remake

Politics were also in a bad state, as expected, but this was the only game they could play. The natural economic laws were practically nonexistent since every important market was a coercive monopoly by the state. Any politician in power was also making huge profit margins from an imposed monopoly on society, enforced by law. They dictated the prices and traded misery for money. Any political opposition to the main political parties was irrelevant. They all ended up being either poisoned by the major parties persistent bribing or being silently annihilated by the use of force.

“The gifted” realized that they needed to play by their rules if they wanted to get the funding and resources they needed for the mission. They had to get their hands dirty. And so they started by founding their own political party, without compromising their clan’s secrecy, of course. They started conversations with the major coalition. This was a coalition established between the three richest, filthiest and more powerful parties. The “gifted” knew they had to start conversations with these people, and they weren’t particularly happy about it. The coalition wasn’t just going to give them what they needed, so they had to be prepared for giving something that they wanted.

It was very hard for the new party to even start negotiating with the coalition. They were much like a very distant lair of wolves, looking at everyone else from the top. Eventually, they managed to get in touch with them and, as they expected, their demands were unscrupulous and wicked.

The coalition didn’t want more money because they had plenty. They wanted to make sure that their supremacy would remain forever. For that purpose, they demanded a new global organization decision system, also known as GODS. This system was able to immediately detect any kind of rebellion or opposition through the usage of advanced artificial intelligence. This would increase the efficiency of the coalition’s illicit methods for silencing opposing forces. The scale of this project was so massive that no citizen could escape it.

The clan began questioning the whole mission: Are any means acceptable to reach an end? Is an hypothetical preservation of the species worth a certain condemnation of the whole population on the planet? A serious crisis emerged among their clan. After long weeks of several discussions, the main representatives of the gifted voted.

The decision was made, they decided to accept the coalition’s terms. However, with a small surprise left behind: the system was programmed to self destruct in the future. Only a few select members of the project knew about this, to avoid any accidental or purposeful information leaks. It would take 400 years to destroy GODS, a time period when the coalition could no longer retaliate. In 400 years, “the gifted” should have already completed preparations for “The Far Star” mission and be some light-years away from their home planet.


from The Far Star Mission (Audiobook), released March 26, 2020


all rights reserved



Apotheus Paços De Ferreira, Portugal

Apotheus is a Portuguese Melodic Metal act from Portugal.

Founded in 2008, the group currently consists of Miguel Andrade (vocals/rythm guitar), Luís "Gold Monkey" (lead guitar), Daniel Rocha (bass) and Albano “von Hammer” (drums). ... more


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