The Far Star

by Apotheus

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gadzombie Very consistent album, very good one. Lovely piece of music! Apotheus is heading good direction. I hope to hear from you again soon. Favorite track: Save Our Ship.
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This is the untold story of our ancestry. A painful journey of survival in the majesty of cosmos, but also a delicate introspective about the human nature. When these two worlds collide, something new emerges. Hope, a mission and a destination.


released October 31, 2019


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Apotheus Paços De Ferreira, Portugal

Apotheus is a Portuguese Melodic Metal act from Portugal.

Founded in 2008, the group currently consists of Miguel Andrade (vocals/rythm guitar), Luís "Gold Monkey" (lead guitar), Daniel Rocha (bass) and Albano “von Hammer” (drums). ... more

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Track Name: Caves of Steel
Verse 1
Look around and see
Is this everything you want to be?
Fate does not look bright
Under this cold dying light
We will fear the night

Verse 2
Under these caves of steel
Our lives keep turning the wheel
We face the consequence of our past
We know this can’t last

Won’t you see the world how it is
And stop believing in
A past life long gone
We don’t even know why
You see the world how it is
And stop believing in
A past life long gone
We don’t know why
Track Name: Redshift
Verse 1
We look to the sky
Everything is fading away
Light years of blackness have passed
Aeons of pain

We are bound to die
We wasted all those years of pray
Now is the time to take action
There’s hope to regain

Verse 2
Something is calling
Something is driving us to the end
Embracing the darkness
It’s leading to our new land.

The clock is ticking,
Without realizing our purpose.
Think of our lives and meaning,
Our loved ones existence.

Searching for the dying light
That will take us there
Nothing will be so bright
Dreams turn in despair

Chorus x2
Track Name: Resolve to Remake
Verse 1
Conflicts reveal our true nature
As every ideal turns into failure
Prosper times are no more
Cries are heard in this rampage and war

Verse 2
We are so deeply blindfold
Something greater is about to unfold
Crowds whisper in distress
The decision has been made
We are going through

Is anybody there for me?
Is there any life for us?
How many years we have to wait
For our people to wipe this fate
Track Name: The Darkest Sun
Verse 1
All our lives are now gone.
New ones will rise to atone.
As we are looking through the window,
Holding to a memory
To overcome the skies.

Verse 2
In hopeless days in misery
We shed tears driven by gravity.
Towards the promised fields
Above the shiny waters
And the greenest hills.

Verso 3
Fueled by what we care the most
We are flying on our engines’ thrust
Propelled by our will and sorrow
We now travel for a new tomorrow.

For a new tomorrow
Propelled by our will and sorrow (x2)
We travel for a new tomorrow.

Running to the unknown
Leaving the darkest sun
Hoping for a new dawn
A brand new world redrawn

Running to the unknown
Leaving the darkest sun
Track Name: The Pull of Plexeus
Verse 1
The great cloud suddenly appears on our sight,
We see the great giant brightening the night.
As flashes become clearer we are growing weak,
Gravity is tearing us until we become sick.

Verse 2
This slingshot effect makes us think we’ll have a life.
We have a place to go in this lightspeed flying hive.
We grow a sickening desire to attain
A new world that is free from agony and pain.

Here we go
In this slingshot dive
The faster it pulls
The sooner we arrive

Here we are
Ready to thrive
A stunning power
That keeps us alive
Track Name: Save Our Ship
Verse 1
My quiet night is no more
It’s time to fight this new war
A new threat knocks at my door
Bring down the walls on our way
We’ll make it to a new day
And heal the scars again

Verse 2
Try to realize where we are.
The abyss is getting near,
We’re all invaded by fear.
Together we must proceed
We must plant the seed
There’s no choice but to succeed

It’s too late now to look back
It’s too late now to forget
It’s too late now to regret
The reason why we’re now here, it’s too late.

We must plant the seed
There’s no choice but to succeed

(Suddenly the death sneaks,
Turbulence felt and fuel leaks.
The journey must end quick.)
Track Name: Under a New Cloudy Sky
Verse 1
After so many years in the night
For the first time we have a sight.
We’re close but not yet.
Might be the cause for regret,
Or maybe sightings we won’t forget.
We’re close but not yet.

(Prepare for landing
Approaching landing site)

Verse 2
We’re the legacy of a past pride
After many generations that lived and died
We’re close but not yet.
Memories of who we are
Made us able to reach this far
We’re close but not yet.

We’re close but not yet.
We’re close but not yet.

A new sun is shining,
Through a new cloudy sky,
And a new day is rising
Through a new cloudy sky,
But we will remember
What we have lived
But we will remember
What we have lived far from home
Track Name: The Brightest Sun
Verse 1
Another reason has brought us to the past:
Memories are so deep and vast

And we are…

Verse 2
Another season passes through our eyes
But the ghosts keep shading the skies
Time now to fill our new place with hope,
And seeing life through the telescope.

And we are…

Under our brightest sun
We remember what has been done
All those years have passed away
Darkness turns into a new day
Track Name: Staring the Abyss
Verse 1
How could we have been so wrong?
Consequences are so strong.
Our new home seems not to be

That promised land we wanted to know.
Oh, our chances seem so low
Days go by and life does not fit in
We tried so hard to strive and to begin

Verse 2
We sailed right into our extinction
After all this time we failed the mission
This wasteland now holds

The songs of tomorrow
Are made of today’s tears and sorrow.
The chants of the future will echo in the stars
No fairy tale will wipe out these scars.

We need a new beginning.
Track Name: A New Beginning
Verse 1
I am the one
Who left my own land
Through the void and against
The darkest omens

After all these years
Dreams were paid with tears
And after all the struggle we are

Verse 2
I wander in loneliness
Through this endless nothingness
The sorrow of the regress
After all that we have passed

(The end is approaching fast
After we arrived at last)

For so many years of darkness
No one ever heard a sound
Chances give rise to a new hope

A new humanity
Is rising constantly

Anywhere that I roam
Nothing is all I can see
Growing the seed is the key
This is nothing like our home
And nothing is all I can see
This is all that's left to be.

Verse 3
My homeland.
My pride.
My two worlds now collide.

The shadows moved on.
With me, by my side.

If the dusk we’re now on,
Is the same that we ran of
The sun won’t shine.